Charlie the Gnome – writing exercise

Another scene to keep the mind busy. These writing exercises build your mind and add muscle to your words. Not everything you write has to make it into publication. It just has to make you stronger.

Charlie was banging on the door, even as I argued with my mother.

“But Mom!” I waved my hands in the air. “Charlie’s like two-feet tall, and he galumphs around here like an elephant!”

Mom stood firm. “Fairies in this family keep their word, young lady.” Mom crossed her arms across her chest; her wings fluttered in anger. “I don’t care how tall Charlie is. You told him that you and he would visit the forest together, and now you’re going. So get to your room, and put on a flying outfit, because I’m answering the door.”

I stiffened. “But he brushes his teeth with foxfire, and he smells like feet, and his breath could knock a flight of fairies out of the sky!”

Mom wasn’t listening. She pointed at my room, and her eyes blazed. Then she walked to the front door an opened it: Charlie’s face filled the frame as he bent to look inside. “Hi!” His breath filled our front room. “Is Liliana ready yet?”

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