The Explosion

explosionThere are lots of times that I can’t think of the next words in the story or poem that I’m working on. When that happens, I just work on flash fiction – just little bits of fluff to keep my mind working. Below is a quick piece that I put together. I need to keep my mind moving, and really, I think this may work in a future piece.

I think it was the explosion that convinced me that I loved her. Prior to that moment, we were no more than friends. Good friends. The kind of friends who briefly hugged and kissed one another’s cheek when we met on the street, or shared bitter cups of coffee at local diner where we swapped stories about our latest love affair.

Previous to the moment of the brilliant flash of light and sound, I’d never considered myself in the arms of another woman.

photo credit: country_boy_shane via photopin cc

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