About Cherry

Yes, my name is Cherry, and no, it’s not short for anything. No, my last name is not really Pickens, though I think if I ever decide to get married, I’ll find a man with that surname just for the delight of seeing the look on someone’s face, when I’m introduced. And yes – my middle name is Theresa. If I’m lucky, one day I’ll be known as Cherry T. Pickens, and then I’ll tell everyone that my middle name is really Tree.

I just broke off a long term relationship with a guy who didn’t deserve me. He was a prick. More on that later.

I like to write. I don’t have a lot of other hobbies. I don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Don’t take drugs. Instead, I explore the fantastic world of my mind and put it into digital form. In other words, I make shit up, and I turn it into stories.

Romance, no matter how dismal, is what I’m aiming for. I’ve written hundreds of poems, and I’ve published many of them in journals and chapbooks throughout the country. Yet as much as I like writing poetry, it doesn’t pay the bills.

So … time to try  my hand at something else.

What's on your mind?

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