Love is not like a Butterfly

Dolly Parton at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Dolly Parton at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Dolly Parton, a sweet and beautiful woman with a voice to match. Yet I have to disagree with her on one very specific point (okay. I’m sure there are other points on which we disagree, but let’s not get sidetracked.). Love is not like a Butterfly. Nothing at all like one of those erratic fluttering creatures.

Love is a wasp. Needle-thin and aimed at your heart. It’s a black and yellow blur as it dives and savages your precious parts over and over and over.

Butterflies don’t sting. Honeybees are good for a single thrust, then they’re over and done with.

But a wasp. Yeah. A wasp can hurt you till you bleed.

That’s what love is.

2 responses to “Love is not like a Butterfly

  1. Oh my god it so is! Love your analogy! Welcome to Wonderland, where Alice is the Queen of Everything 😉

    • Thank you, Joanne! I’m glad Alice sent me your way. I love your blog, and I can tell that I’m going to spend a lot of time there trying to catch up on all of the wonderful things you’ve written. Alice is right. You’re a good writer, and I’m enjoying every yummcatt word!

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